Vancouver Grizzlies

Ok I lied, Hong Kong was not my first trip outside of the country.  I once lived in Seattle playing in that league where they tackle the fast person with the ball in their hand.  And no I am not talking about rugby.  With my passport still being stiff because it had not been opened yet.  My goal was always see as many places in the world as I could.  But it had to start somewhere so I figured Id take the 3 hour drive to Vancouver to get this party started.  Once inside Canada I ran to the first ATM I could find to take out foreign money (Oh it wouldn’t be my last tine doing that).  I didn’t have much time there as I had to get back to be up for a 6am meeting.  So I went to the famous Granville Street and snapped a few photos of what I thought would show I was actually in Vancouver and not some city outside of Seattle.  As I sat down in Starbucks I took a brief glance up.  Boom, the photo I was looking for.  A Canadian wearing a former NBA team of the city, The Vancouver Grizzlies.  I proceeded to head back after that.  I was so eager to get my first stamp in my passport.  What I didn’t know was Canada didn’t stamp when you are driving through … Unless you ask.  Oh there was no way I wasn’t going to ask.  And if you’re wondering did I get it or not.  Well, lets just say I’m not going to let immigration get in the way of my stamps. *This wouldn’t be my last trip to Vancouver  -David G