They Said It Never Rains In Southern California

When I was debating on whether to move to Los Angeles or not my dad told me “You can live in Los Angeles your entire life and not do everything”. All I could think was “Challenge Accepted”. With Hollywood being such an attraction for the people who want to be somebody or who think they are somebody. It’s easy to get caught in the lights and miss the hidden gems of this city. Hilda and I have made it a point to explore every part of this city. From the Canyons, to the Museums, Rooftop Events, Ancient Ruins, and anything we deem Instagram worthy at the end of the day. With the vast amount of landscape and very diverse culture in the greater Los Angeles area there are endless amounts of activities.

This photo was taking in the LACMA Museum Rain-Room. My average weekend would look a little something like this. Friday nights at LACMA April-November there are live Jazz bands and you can BYOB, Wine that is. Hike behind the Hollywood Sign and on your way drop a note under the Wisdom Tree. Grab a coffee at the famous Beverly Hills Hotel by the pool and gaze at the stars. No really, I actually seen Derek Jeter there the other say. If you’re into haircuts and Speak Easies look no further than the Bind Barber in Culver City on a Saturday Night. After all the hiking and partying. Wake up on a Sunday and grab a mimosa at the Sunday Fun day Spot along the Santa Monica Beach at Brick and Mortar. If you happen to still be able to move head over to Griffith Observatory and actually gaze at the stars and the entire city of Los Angeles. –David G