Once In a Lifetime

Its not everyday you flip on the TV and you hear a Solar Eclipse will be visible very soon.  its also not very often the news does a great job of successfully predicting the future.  I mean how many times does the meteorologist actually get the weather right.  With all that being said I was not going to try and prove them wrong.  I set my alarm and made sure to grab a pair of glasses to check out this once in a life time event.  I was warned to not stare directly at the sun to avoid damage to my eyes.  Now I’m not the smartest person in the world but it didn’t take a news flash to know that.  But then again, when is the next time an Eclipse suppose to happen anyway?  Well if you’re wondering, August 12th, 2045 according to Quora.com A guy like me isn’t going to wait around 28 more years for an opportunity like this.  I went to the highest point in the area I was living with Hilda.  For some reason I thought it was best to get to the highest point in town as if I could see the Eclipse better. In fact, it was better so I didn’t have to worry about trees or houses blocking my view.  We were told that it wouldn’t be a total Solar Eclipse if you are watching from Los Angeles but an Eclipse nonetheless.  At 9:59am PT we started to gaze up at the sun.  Very briefly because the sun was as blinding as advertised even with the moon starting to cover.  As you look up with the naked eye or even with normal glasses its not much of a difference.  What was a major difference was the noticable temperature drop.  It was at least a 15 degree drop in temperature.  If you couldn’t see the eclipse or simple didn’t believe there was an Eclipse happening you couldn’t help but feel the temperature fall within minutes.  After a few moments I found myself not looking at the Eclipse but looking for someone with actual Eclipse glasses. We found them and just as we were told there was the Solar Eclipse.  I was very impressed and thought it was a great experience for anyone.  I feel its hard to not take a minute or two out of your day to not look up at such a rare sighting.  – David G