The city of angels can be what you make of it.  I heard many stories when I was deciding to make the move here.  The people are pretentious, the traffic is terrible,  the pollution is unbearable.  All of which are true, but thats not what drew me to this city.  I can admit I didn’t like the city when I visited for the first time when we played in the Rose Bowl in 2011.  Of course we did the normal things you do when you are a tourist in this city.  Walk along Hollywood Blvd, touch the frigid waters of the Pacific, taste a #2 meal from In and Out Burger, and get a feel of what the Los Angeles nightlife has to offer.  Yes, again I can admit I had a good time.  But I couldn’t say I liked the city very much.  Especially not to live.  It wasn’t until I took a spontaneous trip to LA for the 2013 ESPY Awards that the city took me by storm.  Ive never been the one to pay for fancy hotels,  in fact I wasn’t against staying on a friends couch even though I was in the NFL.  This time around I didn’t do the traditional activities.  I stayed in West Hollywood a few blocks off Melrose.  My friend took me to local coffee shops, hidden canyons, and basketball courts with a mountain view.  When I tell you I was blow away … I was blown away.  I felt as if this was the place I’ve been searching for to satisfy my appetite for living.  It had everything you needed.  Museums, Rooftops, Oceans, Mountains, Weather, and Culture.  I felt as a 24 year old there was no where else in America you would want to be.  The opportunities to be what you wanted to be were right in front of you.  One of the things I actually liked to hear from people where their dreams and aspirations.  Many people here want to be a Writer, Producer, Actor/Actress, Singer etc.  Though most have a long shot, if that.  At least people are here with dreams and are here to accomplish that.  Its actually motivating to hear such things especially when you’ve already accomplished such goals yourself.  It pushes you to make more unreadable goals and try to accomplished those again.  I surrounded myself with people in all types of industries.  Tech, Fitness Training, Recruiting, Finance, Jewelry, and Television. All of which motivated me in varies ways.  Now 28,  I can say these last 4 years in Los Angeles have given me some of the best memories of my life. -David G

To Be Continued …

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