Jesus Turn Down For What

From what I knew about the Middle East was what I seen on the news. With me never watching the news I can firmly say I didn’t know anything. So I went to Israel with an imagine that Israel was just one big party country. Seeing that Jesus turned water into wine for some odd reason. This was also the first of a few places my dad advised me not to go.  As you can see I’m not very good at taking direction.

I had a friend from college who was an All American basketball player at Wisconsin *yes name-dropping Jordan Taylor who playing for the basketball team in Tel Aviv called Holon. He’s an African American male so when he told me “come you will have a blast” who am I to not believe him. What I didn’t know is this would be the most enlightening, overwhelming, and confusing trip thus far. At one moment you are blown away with the amount of history in Jerusalem. Next you’re floating in the Dead Sea while overlooking the coast of Jordan. In the next I was questioning my beliefs based on 2,000-year-old rumors essentially.

Tel Aviv was a modern city located on the Mediterranean Sea. But my favorite part of the city was Old Jaffa! It was an ancient city that was 7,500 Years Old right in the middle of Tel Aviv that is a must see. Learn a few Hebrew words along the way, I mean It is one of the oldest languages out there. If youre looking for a good time in the many night life places in Tel Aviv. JimmyWho bar and Lounge will not disappoint.  My only advise is never drink and drive because not everyone has a friend in a foreign place the authorities recognize.   That’s all I got Shalam! –David G