Frequent Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Located on the Pacific coast of Mexico. For the longest time I wasn’t very interested in going to Mexico. Not because it’s not a beautiful country. For the simple reason that everyone had already been there. I can’t speak to a single person that hasn’t been to Cancun. In fact, Ill ask people have they been outside the country and they actually forget they’ve been to Mexico because it’s a close and a very common American get away.

Now forget anything I just said about everyone’s opinion on Mexico. When you have a Mexican girlfriend who is determine to change your view on her country you better adjust or feel the wrath. If I speak of Mexico it better be with the utmost respect or I will hear it. With that being said, Mexico is by far my favorite country *Cough Cough. This is the view from the world famous infinite pool of the Hotel Mousai. You have to pay a pretty penny to have a room. Or you can book a hostel next door, like I did. Book a hostel next door and pay $30 to get food and drink tickets. I have coined this method “Backpacking With Class” This wont be the last time you hear of this method. –David G