Our Mission

To encourage others to travel through our photos and stories. It is not as expensive or as complicated as your friend's lavish social media photos make it seem. It is all about balance, a hostel here, a fancy dinner over there...maybe even sneeking into a rooftop just for the gram 😉 If a Latina and an African American can do it together, you can too.

Our Story

We met in 2013 and started our travel journey in March 2015. After being friends for a couple of years David took some sabbatical time off, more like months, and asked me to join him along the way. Many cities, countries, and some funny meme sharing on social media later here we are boyfriend and girlfriend living together in Los Angeles and planning our next getaway.

Meet Your Tour Guides

A news anchor and an NFL player, but really just a Latina and an African American man suffering from wanderlust and hoping to inspire other people from all backgrounds to travel and find out why it is that...

'You Would Love It Here'

Hilda Gutierrez


  • News anchor/reporter in L.A.
  • UCLA Grad
  • Mexican American
  • 15 Countries and Counting

David Gilreath

NFL Player

  • Entrepreneur
  • Wisconsin-Madison Grad
  • African American
  • 28 Countries and Counting

Next Steps...

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