Far East Movement

I guess you would say I just dove into the travel thing head first.  I didn’t just pick a place a few hours away, I chose a place far east. And Im not talking about the Band  https://www.fareastmovement.com.  But I can’t say its not familiar with my western ways I have been accustomed too.  A place that was owned by the United Kingdom for over 100 years until the transfer of Sovereignty  in 1997.  A place where english is an official language. And a black man isn’t such an unusual face in town, assuming the locals have seen Rush Hour 1 or 2.  If you haven’t guessed it yet.  Yes, I am speaking of Hong Kong.  Nooo Hong Kong is not China.  Its its own territory.  Totally different than mainland China in many different ways.

So back in 1841 British did what they always do.  Come into a foreign place and colonize.  If you don’t know what that means I say google it but if you don’t feel like it well to keep it short.  They came in and implemented their culture, religion, and western ways.  You can now see British influence all over Hong Kong.  From the architecture, , language, and the metro system.

The MRT (Hong Kong Metro System) is the  most convenient, reliable, and inexpensive form of transportation in town.  It runs every 5 mins (or less) depending on location.  You can pay 100 Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) to get an Octopus Card that you can add value to at anytime.  Once you get an Octopus Card there isn’t much you can’t used that card for.  It really substitutes as a credit card in town.  Using it at Starbucks, local markets, and 7 elevens is a common thing in town.