5am in Paris

Ok I will treat this photo like a cook book.  Here are a few key ingredients. 1. Tripod 2. Wrinkle proof suit 3. Alarm clock.   When it comes to taking photos.  It seems no one knows exactly what we want but us.  So what we do is bring a nice tripod to position and take a photo.  Ok as far as the suit, you have to have a wrinkle proof suit (unless you want to drag around a iron).  When you're backpacking you don't have the luxury to pack much but you have to have something nice if say a Great Gatsby style party were to take place.  Now as far as the alarm clock.  We all know the tourist spots are packed and hard to get the photo you want.  The key is to get up super early before they are there.  If you aren't into photos then disregard this last ingredient.  Hey I'm no model.  But you throw a suit on me,  a beautiful woman in a red dress, and national monument in the background now have some  action. -David G

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The Name is Roman

Where the name came from...

The name of this page is part of our story. While David was on his "world tour" in 2015, he insisted on me joining. My demanding job and the risk of going overseas for the first time kept me from packing my bags and taking off. Until one day, while in Rome, he texted "I am in Rome now, You Would Love It Here" and asked me to join him in his next destination the following week, España. I went and I more than loved it. I have not stopped looking for the next escape since. -Hilda G


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Thailand's Killer Monkeys

Ok the monkeys were not my biggest problem that day. In fact, I never touched the monkeys nor did they touch me.  My problem was before I even stepped foot on shore.  For 300 Thai Baht *about 9 US Dollars a boat will take you from Phuket to Phi Phi Island (Also known as "Monkey Island").  We arrived to the island where we were advised to put on life jackets and swim about 50 meters to shore.  Sooo as I am swimming to shore with no life jacket I yell "Aaaaaah!" Hilda looks back and asked "Whats wrong?"  and I respond "I hit my foot on a got damn coral reef".  Hey, I've never been to Thailand. I thought it was a killer monkey in the water.  I mean why else do you name it Monkey Island.  -David G

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Why We Started A Blog

While browsing through the thousands of couple travel blogs for ideas on our trips we noticed a common denominator...no couple looked like us. We did not find a single interracial, young, interesting couple, with unique career backgrounds like us. How could we possibly get suitable recommendations and tips from people that we could not relate to and who had different life styles?

But we do share somethings with other travel bloggers; David and I love for adventures, we are both pretty easy going,  and we are always down for anything new..."don't threaten us with a good time", as he loves to say.  Having said that, we also have our differences...first the obvious, our skin color, our cultural background, I love planned  vacations and David just loves to wing it...all the time...I mean ALL the time.

Through our journey we have and continue to embrace our culture as we search for Black and Mexican history in every place we visit...surprisingly enough we almost always find it. This is why we want to encourage people from all skin colors and backgrounds to search for their roots. You would just love these airlines, hotels, hostels, museums, hikes, restaurants, cities, countries, food, language, history, stories, shops, etc.